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Toastcaster 152: Unexpected Leaders that Leave a Lasting Impression - Guinness

August 31, 2021


[15:26] In this episode Greg speaks about two incredible individuals whom we can call unexpected leaders. These are people who positively impact others not really with any intention but simply by doing what they do. In fact they may not even be aware of the impact that they are having on others and the long lasting impression they leave.

You’ll hear about, Reverend Kevin Fast (left) from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada is best described as a modern day Popeye and Brittany Walsh, a.k.a  AcroBritt (RIGHT) from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A a dancer, a gymnast, former circus performer and  acrobatic archer who both happen to be individuals featured in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records.

Greg shares a little about each of their stories and 3 leadership lessons he’s taken away by speaking with them

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