Toastcaster 80 The Origin of April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2017


[07:08] In this episode Greg tells the story of the origin of April Fool's Day. Greg was recently the Toastmaster of the Day at his home club, New Entrepreneurs and the theme was April Fool's Day.  After researching the topic, Greg perhaps over-prepared his opening remarks and although a little lengthy, they were well received by the members.

As a result, when Greg went home, he expanded on what he had said and wrote an article that was published at Troy Media. Then he decided to make a podcast of the article which is what you'll hear. Enjoy.



Toastcaster 77 Greg Gazin: Our 10th Anniversary Podcast - Impromptu Style

January 31, 2017


[19:26] Toastcaster Podcast is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. In this episode Greg grabs the mic and takes an impromptu journey back a decade to its humble beginnings starting from the pilot episode featuring then District 42 Governor Mona Cooley, DTM.

What started as an idea in 2006 for an HPL (High Performance Leadership) project has blossomed into 77 episodes, almost 200K downloads and 1.5M feed hits and counting.

You'll hear how Toastcaster was conceived and get highlights from a number of the episodes and some of the people Greg has interviewed.

Greg will also share what he's learned from this process and how it's changed him and how he now looks at podcasting.

A huge thanks to all those that helped make it happen and for all the listeners for tuning in.

Happy Birthday Toastcaster Podcast


Toastcaster 52 - Toastmasters 90th Anniversary Resources for 2015

March 2, 2015

Toastmasters is celebrating its 90th Anniversary, but what you may not realize is that the party is lasting a whole year. So here's some information, resources, too many to mention that you and your club can use to celebrate the milestone. It even help you attract new members.

Watch Now:

Toastcaster 33 - Achieving Greatness Together - It’s Toastmasters, Baby!

September 5, 2010

D37andGG.jpg North Carolina's District 37 Trio   LGM Naomi Takeuchi, DG Sharon Anita Hill and LGET Bryan Walsh (far right) share with yours truly their District Theme "It's Toastmasters Baby" to complement this year's International President's theme of "Achieving Greatness Together".   Recorded in Palm Desert at the 79th annual Int'l Convention, you'll hear how this Select Distinguished District, 3 years running, will use this year's  District theme and innovative initiatives that any District can use to engage their members to exceed their potential. You'll also hear how Toastcaster Greg first took notice of this terrific trio from the "First in Flight" State.

Toastcaster 26 - Toastmasters 85 Year Timeline in 10 minutes

October 27, 2009

HistoryPic3.jpg On October 22nd 1924, Dr. Ralph Smedley created Toastmasters. It's been 85 years and the organization has certainly come a long way, helping hundreds of thousands of people help improve their communication and leadership skills. In this episode we take a glimpse of that 85 year timeline in less than 10 minutes.  Did you know when the first Toastmasters Magazine was published or when women were finally allowed to be members of a club? You can see the detailed timeline by visiting  Happy Birthday Toastmasters!