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Toastcaster 154: Stepping Up Your Communication Skills with Livestreaming – Markus Seppälä

Toastcaster 154: Stepping Up Your Communication Skills with Livestreaming – Markus Seppälä

October 31, 2021


[37:43] With Livestreaming, you are both a producer and performer. These are words from our guest today,  Markus Seppälä, who adds that it’s also public and live and lonely and dependent on tech which can certainly make it a challenge. It’s with his comedic side that he jokingly takes on a sarcastic view of Livestreaming. 

For Markus however, it’s rewarding. He loves every minute of it and is with us to share his expertise and some of the things he’s learned along the way.

He enlightens us on how using live-streaming tools, learning from those tools and leveraging the communication skills and other disciplines you’ve already mastered you can super-charge those skills to a whole new level just as our guest today has done - and he shares with us some of the specifics he has accomplished.

You’ll hear how livestreaming is a mode of communication and how it differs from platforms like Zoom and Netflix.

Plus, you’ll discover how you can “level-up your tech” with free tools like OBS and Melon that also integrate with Zoom that add a dynamic level of uniqueness and professionalism to your presentations.

Markus also offers tips on planning a livestream, where to place your most important content and why, answering questions, and ways to engage the audience and keep them listening (not necessarily in ways you might think) and what to do when you get no audience reaction and how not to be dependent on it.

Your livestream will live on-line forever.  Markus touches upon on how you can best plan to balance your live feed to maximize the delivery of your content yet maintain its long-term replay value.

Any the end of the interview I’m sure you’ll all want to get started in Livestreaming.

You can also listen to our interview with Markus on the Toastmasters Podcast Episode  #180: Comedian Masters Hybrid Meetings.

Also check out Markus’ YouTube videos: How live streaming will improve your communication skills (5 tips) and  How to share PowerPoint slides on Zoom with OBS Virtual Camera

Markus Seppälä is a two-time TEDx speaker, event host and stand-up comedian who brings fun to the corporate stage. You can catch Markus on YouTube where you will find a plethora of videos - with tutorials one an array of different videos showcasing his talents with teachings on topics like - Zoom, Streaming, Hybrid Meetings, Video conferencing and ways you can be a better speaker.

Markus is based in Basel, Switzerland where he runs Comedy Basel, the biggest comedy club in town. You can find him at

Toastcaster 148: How to Host a Live or Virtual TEDx Event  Part I – Noel Bentley

Toastcaster 148: How to Host a Live or Virtual TEDx Event Part I – Noel Bentley

May 1, 2021


[27:28] There’s a plethora of resources spotlighting do a TED Talk or speaking on the TEDx stage, but few realize that a great host or emcee can make or break that event. In this episode Greg speaks with Noel Bentley, a three-time TEDx host who’s hosted both live and virtual events at TEDx Bear Creek Park in Surrey BC, Canada.

In Part 1 of this 2 part series, Noel inspires us with his own story, what it means to be a TEDx host, what the role entails and the excitement and opportunities it presents for speakers and individuals. You’ll as be introduced to TEDx BearCreekPark and a glimpse as to what goes on behind the scenes of a TEDx. 

Noel enlightens us with his experience in his role as a TEDx host - how he got there, what he learned, how he (over) prepares mentally and physically and about the help he got along the way. You’ll also learn about other key players like the curator, speaker coach, program coordinator and of course the speakers and how the host interacts with them. You’ll also find out what speakers have to go through to be on that stage.  

Noel will also share some of his best practices and things to avoid, touching on the topics of introduction, bridging between speakers, scripting and humour.

Noel Bentley is a speaker, humorist, storytelling coach, emcee and Toastmaster.  He started project called Power of 3 Speaking, a new way of doing keynote speaking. He lives in Surrey, BC, Canada and can be reached at or coming soon at



You can also watch the latest TEDx BearCreekPark 2021 at

Watch for Part 2 (Toastcaster 149) coming up.

Toastcaster 142: Virtual Interview Mistakes to Avoid He Learned Interviewing Zoom’s Head Recruiter – John Bowe

Toastcaster 142: Virtual Interview Mistakes to Avoid He Learned Interviewing Zoom’s Head Recruiter – John Bowe

September 30, 2020


[22:05] The Internet is full of experts doling out advice at what not to do during a virtual presentation or interview - job or otherwise.
In the episode, Greg speaks with John Bowe about his recent CNBC article, "4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next Virtual Job Interview -- Advice From Zoom's Head Recruiter,"  where he had a unique opportunity to interview Zoom's Phil Hayes - a guy who, of course, would really know.
John tells us about how the article came about and shares some of the wisdom he learned from Hayes including practical do's and don't tips for virtual job interviews. It's quite timely as many more interactions than ever are being done virtually and over Zoom. He also shares some of his own thoughts on this topic of which he is well versed.
The beauty of these tips and techniques is that they can also apply everywhere - like to businesses and for those for example who may be pitching product or services or even interviewing suppliers.
Have you wondered if virtual interviews better than live ones? Are companies getting better candidates, a better picture of the situation or is the lack of being there, creating more of a challenge? Listen carefully to find out - and more!
You just may be surprised at what you hear particularly at some of the reactions recruiters have and what they are actually thinking especially when during the interview, the unexpected happens.
John Bowe is a speech trainer, award-winning journalist, and author of "I Have Something to Say: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking in an Age of Disconnection." He's contributed to The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, GQ, This American Life and more. He was Educational Presenter at the 2020 Toastmasters International Convention and we interviewed him in a recent Toastmasters Podcast entitled Aristotle was a Toastmaster.
John lives in New York City and can reached via
Toastcaster 116 Maximizing Learning & Engagement When Facilitating Webinars – Tali Bar-Or

Toastcaster 116 Maximizing Learning & Engagement When Facilitating Webinars – Tali Bar-Or

April 30, 2019


[31:41] It’s not uncommon for training to be delivered on-line. But with multitasking at an all-time high and attention spans at an all-time low, how do you ensure your participants remain engaged and involved and get the most from your webinar training? In this episode, Greg speaks with Tali Bar-Or, a 20-year veteran in training and facilitation including training facilitators remotely for content delivery.

Tali will share tips, tricks and best practices she uses to succeed to keeping her webinar attendees engaged and involved while maximizing their learning. You’ll hear how she visualizes her audience, acknowledging how people listen differently and selectively. She offers 2 strategies she learned to bring people back to focus including two words to alert wandering minds plus four key triggers designed to indicate to the participants what’s coming next.

You’ll also discover how to plan ahead to deal with distractions and disruptions and how to create an environment where they don’t happen. You’ll learn about techniques for pausing and why it’s important to turn the spotlight on to your participants.

You’ll also hear about her effective opening and closing protocols for her sessions, potential pitfalls and mistakes she’s learned along the way, and more.

Most of Tali’s golden nuggets can also be applied to any live training session or facilitation.

Tali Bar-Or is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She is the Lead Facilitator for Crestcom Canada and Lead Global Facilitator for Colorado-based Crestcom International, which provides Professional Leadership and Sales training in 60+ countries and 22+ languages.  Tali can be reached on LinkedIn or at

(NOTE: This episode is a great tie-in to Episode 113: Tips for Virtual Stage and Presenting On-Line.)


Toastcaster 113 Top 3 Pro Tips for a Virtual Stage & Presenting On-Line

Toastcaster 113 Top 3 Pro Tips for a Virtual Stage & Presenting On-Line

March 24, 2019


[15:22] The right stage presence can make or break a performance regardless of whatever words that may be coming out of your mouth. But what about an off-stage presence, that virtual presence, those times when you’re giving a presentation on-line, a webinar, doing an interview or recording a podcast anytime you’re in front of a computer screen?

In this episode, Greg, a.k.a The Gadget Guy offers an extended look at three pro tips and one bonus tip and things to consider when you’re presenting in a virtual world, things that may differ from when you are presenting on a traditional stage. This can help you take your next delivery from good to great.

Photo Courtesy Zoom.

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