Toastcaster 59 Entrepreneur Credits Toastmasters for $10K Prize

November 2, 2015

[20:29] Entrepreneur Rana Varma from Calgary, Alberta Canada credits Toastmasters as key in helping him win a $10,000 prize for a new product pitch at a recent health competition. He tells us about his pitch, his new invention the Slate Scale and how skills he learned in Toastmasters helped make all the difference.


Toastcaster 37 StartUp Canada, Entrepreneurship & Toastmasters

June 15, 2012

[06:16] After participating in a Town Hall session in Edmonton, Alberta Canada as part of StartUp Canada's cross country tour to empower entrepreneurs across

the country, I had an opportunity to be interviewed by the host/moderator, Rick Spense. Of course, whenever a Toastmaster speaks, especially one who is in District Leadership like myself, the topic always seem to somehow turn to  or involve Toastmasters.  In this case it's relevant. especially for business people because communication & leadership are always important - and thus the tie-in to our latest episode.

One of the things Rick asks me, is what percentage of entrepreneurs should join Toastmasters?  Listen to find out my answer.


Toastcaster 23 - Robert Barnhill Past Int’l Pres Becomes Honorary Canadian, Eh!

July 20, 2009

Get ready to Laugh!!!  Take off Eh! Jana and Robert (Bob) Barnhill International President and Past Int'l Pres respectively, visited Toastmasters D42 (Saskatoon Saskatchewan) in May 2009. Of course Jana got all the attention so Robert felt a little left out. So District Governor Elect Tim Hubick decided that he would do something about it so he asked LGET Elect Greg Gazin (aka Doug McKenzie, Hoser) - to be the impromptu grammarian (for some free beer, EH!), and help Robert with his Canadiana and in the meantime induct both Jana and Robert as Honorary Canadians. Beauty! Take Off Eh!  It was a great pleasure and honor - not to mention a tremendous blast to have our International President Jana and Past International President Robert with us. A fun time was had by all!

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