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Toastcaster 138: Welcoming change & embracing technology a bloodline for tomorrow’s restaurants and retail – Brittain Brown

Toastcaster 138: Welcoming change & embracing technology a bloodline for tomorrow’s restaurants and retail – Brittain Brown

July 31, 2020


[27:41] Looking at how a pandemic has changed the way we dine and how restaurants operate and literally ravaged the industry. As some cities begin to re-open, you can’t help but wonder what the new normal is or might be or what future looks like moving forward.  

In this episode, our guest Brittain Brown offers us a little insight into that arena. From his experience, he’ll share some of his observations what’s going on in the minds of restaurant owners and operators, staff and patrons. You’ll hear about some of the changes in store beyond merely servers in face masks, constant cleaning and reassuring customers as factors whether restaurants can successfully reopen and stay in business. 

He addresses some of the challenges today’s leaders are facing, but also some of the opportunities that this represents including some food for thought on how leaders need to rethink and evolve their business models and adopt new technologies which are already driving the new normal and what might happen if they don’t.

What you’ll hear will be of interest and value to you regardless as to whether you’re a restauranteur, a patron or a leader in any other industry.  Brown’s insights can apply to anyone.

Brittain Brown, B.A. is from Toronto, Canada. He’s the President of Givex, a global company that provides the restaurant, retail, and other industries with the latest tech solutions and analytics that help clients drive sales and make better business decisions. He can be reached at

Toastcaster 137: Discover the Future of the Future AGAIN! (FREE Summit) – Angelo Tirhas

Toastcaster 137: Discover the Future of the Future AGAIN! (FREE Summit) – Angelo Tirhas

July 8, 2020


[30:30] For Angelo Tirhas, like many around the world, everything more or less came to a dead halt when the current global crisis hit, leaving him stuck with literally nothing to do. 

Instead of wallowing in defeat asking the same questions on everyone’s mind, his professional mind kicked in realizing that he had to define the problem and find solutions.  He asked himself: “What’s the biggest problem in the world today, what are people what most scared of and can we help them?”

Of course he realized people were already overloaded with data they couldn’t make sense of and he himself didn’t have all the answers. He had an epiphany. “Let’s get all these people into one place and share what the future possibilities are and figure out what to do to survive the future. Get people asking questions in touch with those who have answers and let them have a chat with each other.

And thus Future Summits Online series was born.

In this entertaining and informative episode we learn more about Angelo’s journey, what he saw, what he heard, stories and insights and why he vetted and handpicked from over 150 speakers. You’ll also learn about his F.A.I.T.H framework (Fundamentals Awareness Implementation, Transformation and Humanity) and how it’s being incorporated into the summit – and more.

Angelo Tirhas is keynote speaker, corporate trainer and coach specializing in transformation, business and personal development, founder and host of "Future Summits Online”, the first ever Global Future Focused Online Summit Series. Angelo can  be reached on LinkedIn or via e-mail.


About the Future of the Future Summit (On-Line)

Date: NEW!!!  SEPTEMBER 17-22, 2020. 

Cost: FREE. Low cost VIP packages with added benefits also available.

Takeaway: Actionable information, skills, strategies and insights from 25 leading global experts, futurists, innovative thinkers and thought leaders to help you prepare, be future ready and future proof. (4 speakers/ day)

Tickets: Visit now to get more information on the Summit or to get FREE Tickets

This episode:


*** PLEASE NOTE: The SUMMIT has now ENDED. HOWEVER, Angelo shares some TIMELESS VALUABLE WISDOM. So please have a LISTEN. ***


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